Real Estate investments

We find or create investment opportunities. We have a clear and realistic view of real estate!

Property value 

We can help you to add value to your property. Contact us for more details.

Sell your property

After the verification of the documents and a site inspection, we determine the right market price. 

Portfolio back/front end

We offer solutions to expand your portfolio with back/front end strategies.

Build to suit

Search a location for “build to suit” solutions.

Consulting for negotiations

We support your negotiations. We understand difficult moments and provide clarity in a difficult negotiation process.  We provide our office, our knowledge and our collaborations with technical, expert and notary. With our expertise you will get the right negotiation results.

Hotels or holiday houses for sale

Thanks to our business partnerships in Italy, Suisse, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic, we have numerous contacts with investors.

Vineyards and farms for sale

Thanks to our network of contacts, we sell and buy vineyards and agricultural land suitable for different agriculture uses and water sources.

Constructions and real estate assets for sale

We are specialised in the sale of constructions and real estate assets.  

Real Estate market analysis for business

We perform a market analysis for companies to help them to find new business opportunities. 

Property Finder Sardinia, Italy

Maior Capital puts at your disposal a team of specialized professionals and a network of contacts to search together with you for the right solution, to sell or rent your property or to buy a new home. With an assignment of exclusive sale, we can provide a full range of services. 

Holiday houses for sale

Property management

We will find the best solution for you and your family.

Property valuation

We advise you, in a true and fair way, about the real market value of your property and search the right buyer who recognizes the added value of the property.

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