How to sell a house in Sardinia

How to sell a house in Sardinia

How to successfully sell your house in Sardinia: practical advice and the importance of choosing the right agency

If you are thinking of selling your house in Sardinia, following a few basic steps and relying on a competent real estate agency can make all the difference.
In this article, we offer you a practical guide to maximise the value of your property and facilitate the sale.

1. Valuation and preparation of the property

Before putting your house up for sale, it is essential to carry out a proper valuation of the property and prepare it properly. Repair any problems, clean and organise interior and exterior spaces, and invest in home staging to make your home more attractive and welcoming.

2. Required documents

Collect all the documents required for the sale, including the property title, habitability certificate, floor plan, energy certificate and technical report (if available). The latter is particularly important as it provides detailed information on the state of the property and facilitates the sale.

3. Choosing the right real estate agency

Turn to a real estate agency with experience in the Sardinian market and an international network, such as "Maior Capital". A competent agency in Sardinia with international reach will give you greater visibility and attract both local and international buyers.

4. Advertising the property

Accurate and professional presentation of the property in advertisements is essential to attract the attention of potential buyers. The real estate agency "Maior Capital" will make the most of your property with high-quality photographs and detailed descriptions.

5. Organising viewings and negotiating the offer

An experienced real estate agency, such as "Maior Capital", will help you organise viewings with potential buyers and manage negotiations effectively. Remember to be flexible in negotiating to maximise the market quote.

6. Concluding the sale

Rely on the experience and expertise of the real estate agency "Maior Capital" to handle all the bureaucratic and legal aspects of the sale. Thanks to their knowledge of the Sardinian real estate market and ability to offer customised, quality services, you can sell your home successfully and without stress.

In conclusion, following these steps and relying on a competent real estate agency like "Maior Capital" will allow you to sell your house in Sardinia successfully and at the best possible price.

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