Cala Brandinchi

Cala Brandinchi

‘Little Tahiti’. This is how one of the most beautiful beaches on Sardinia's north-eastern coast is called, which we all know as Cala Brandinchi.
The pearl of San Teodoro, which runs along the coastal stretch between Punta Sabbatino and Capo Coda Cavallo, overlooks the picturesque Tavolara marine protected area.
Its exotic beauty, characterised by fine white sand, washed by crystal-clear sea and shallow waters, make it a perfect destination for families but also for lovers of various water activities, including snorkelling.
Behind it emerges the Brandinchi pond, from which various animal species such as herons and pink flamingos can be observed. For birdwatchers this is the place to be.
The beach is equipped with all services and offers the possibility of various sports activities.
The presence of a small pleasure pier connects the cove to the figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi who, on 7 October 1867, fleeing from Caprera, embarked from this very beach to Piombino with the aim of liberating the capital.
Cala Brandinchi encloses the beauty of the landscape, the charm of uncontaminated nature and the right comfort to spend your holiday in total relaxation.

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